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Verticals .

Below you will find the verticals serviced by Advertising Inc. Verticals are the industries that we specialize in and have marketing and advertising
expertise. Each vertical is unique and comes with its own nuances. Many of the verticals have offshoots or sub-vertical industries that we are
familiar with and service as well. We are primarily focused on service-related verticals that come with a product. Our focus on these verticals was developed over decades of
experience in marketing and advertising for companies in these segments. We typically look for long term growth potential and although we
are primarily focused on the verticals below, we are open to discussing new verticals. We have a saying around here. It all starts with a conversation. Whether you are a firm that fits into the industry-specific verticals we specialize
in or one that is in a different industry that you would like to begin a conversation about how to attract and retain more customers, we
welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We view working with clients as mutually beneficial partnerships where the goal is to share in
growth and success.

B2C Verticals .


Consumers, families, and businesses need accounting services. From CPAs and Accountants to Tax Planners and Tax Preparers, staying on top of tax filing deadlines and requirements is crucial. Advertising Inc. works with businesses in the accounting field to attract new customers looking to keep the books clean and deadlines met.


Aesthetics is a category of medicine that entails improving appearance through non-invasive procedures expected to double by 2025. Procedures include things like facials, Botox, hair loss, hair removal, body sculpting, cellulite removal, wrinkle removal and more. Advertising Inc. helps medical offices, salons and spas reach more potential clients.

Alternative Medicine

People actively look for ways to take back their health with alternative medicine. There are vitamins, whole food supplements, diet regimens, treatments, oils, and cures that our health system actively suppresses. Advertising Inc. helps consumers find companies that offer outside of the box treatment products and services.


The Auto Industry is huge. From new and used car sales to aftermarket car parts, auto supplies, and auto repair services, Advertising Inc. works with car dealers, auto detailers, brick and mortar, and online auto parts retailers as well as auto repair service providers to acquire more customers for their businesses.

Credit Repair

A good credit score is a valuable thing to have. It allows people to finance homes, autos, and major expenses. For those with bad credit, many suffer high rates and others can’t get any credit to purchase things they need. We match credit repair experts with consumers who need to clean it up and raise their scores

Debt Relief

80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Consumer debt is $14 trillion and people are underwater. High rates and minimum payment requirements are built so balances don’t go down. Advertising Inc. connects people in debt with relief companies that consolidate debt at a fixed low payment or eliminate it.

Doc Prep

Doc Prep Services include tax, mortgage, wills, incorporations, divorces, student loan consolidations, and. It has evolved to be housed online with compliance audits built-in. Advertising Inc. works to bring consumers and families needing help with docs to the companies that provide these services for a variety of situations.


Education is a huge market giving those with degrees a leg up in the job market. It ranges from traditional universities and advanced degree programs to online programs and trade school certifications. Advertising Inc. helps schools and companies offering degrees and certifications find prospects looking for the right fit.


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Fitness is a big industry. From gyms and personal trainers to home exercise equipment and diet plans, Americans are vested in losing weight and staying healthy. Advertising Inc. works with fitness companies offering a variety of products and services to connect them with people actively looking to work on their fitness.


Genetics testing includes the study of genes, medical histories and inherited traits to better inform doctors on how to diagnose and treat disease. Gene therapy holds promise to treat disease in lieu of drugs and surgery. Advertising Inc. helps doctors using genetic testing and therapies to find more patients in need of help.


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Hearing Aid

As we age the body falls apart. For seniors, one of the toughest things to cope with is hearing loss. The medical field and technology offer sophisticated hearing aids that allow those with hearing loss to hear once again. Advertising Inc. pairs those with hearing loss with companies that offer effective hearing aid solutions.

Home Improvement

Home improvement is a huge market. Homeowners look for contractors who paint, remodel kitchens, do room additions, transform landscapes, install pools and more. Advertising Inc. assists home improvement companies find homeowners who are ready to take on the projects they have dreamt up and budgeted for

Home Security

6000 home burglaries happen a day mostly during work hours. Burglars are sophisticated and technology evolves. Advertising Inc. connects residents looking to protect their homes and families with companies offering home security solutions. We understand that now more than ever, how important it is to protect homes.

Internet Of Things

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Insurance is a necessary part of life. From homeowner, renters, auto, boat and gun to health, life, and financial expense insurances we rely on to protect us from the unexpected. Advertising Inc. helps organizations with valuable policies in different categories find prospects for their respective insurance product offerings.


Investments are vital to growing our money as we age towards retirement making financial advisors crucial to achieving goals. From stocks and mutual funds to commodities, precious metals, and cryptocurrency there are professionals who specialize in each. We pair investors with companies offering strategies for wealth growth.


Legal Services produce the best outcome in a bad situation. Lawyers cover civil and issues including contract disputes, personal injury, bankruptcies, DUI’s, divorce, product liability, drug lawsuits fraud, and notary services. Advertising Inc. links people needing representation to the lawyers who handle those areas.


Procedures that improve appearance and functionality are big business. Those surgeries include Lasik, breast enhancement, hair transplant, liposuction, scar removal, burn repair, and dental implants. Advertising Inc. connects medical offices with consumers needing these types of work done to improve their lives.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are software programs designed for use on smart phones, watches and tablets. Apps include things like video games, social gathering, heart pulse monitoring, fitness tracking, video conferencing, food delivery, maps and so much more. Advertising Inc. helps App companies bring in and develop more app users.


Mortgage rates are at historical lows. With increased property values and low interest rates, there may not be a better time to refinance for a lower rate or take cash out for home improvement. At Advertising Inc. we bring homeowners looking to refinance their homes to licensed mortgage professionals to help them.


Nonprofits serve a vital role in America helping deliver food, medicines, health care, shelter, consumer goods and more as well as rescuing and rehoming wild animals and pets. There are thousands of charitable nonprofits out there. Advertising Inc. helps nonprofits reach potential donors for funds needed to keep up good work.

Pain Relief

With age comes pain. From drugs to topical creams and back braces to physical treatments, the pain relief industry serves a vital role in alleviating pain. Advertising Inc. helps companies offering products and services to take pain away find consumers who desperately seek pain relief to improve their quality of life.


In America, we love our pets and there are many products and services related to keeping our pets active, healthy and happy. From veterinary services and grooming to specialized foods and toys, Advertising Inc. connects pet owners with companies that offer those products and services that ensure a good quality of life.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans offer consumers $1000-$50,000 in credit with rates between 5.5% and 36%. They are used to consolidate credit cards at lower rates and to get through to the next paycheck. The industry is competitive. Advertising Inc. works with personal loan companies to acquire new clients needing access to funds.


If you haven’t been living off-grid in a cave, you understand American politics are crazy. The competition for eyes, hearts, and votes is fierce. At Advertising Inc., we understand the battles between candidates and parties on a local, state, and national basis. We help deliver their messages and views to potential voters.


Polling and surveys are incredibly popular. These strategies allow companies to gauge interest in and satisfaction with their products and services. Advertising Inc. helps companies figure out how the public feels about them doing research and online surveys yielding info helping make decisions to better serve customers.

Professional Services

The biggest issue with small businesses is time. Professional services like content marketing, graphic design, IT technology, legal, bookkeeping, consulting, finance, accounting, logistics, and customer service are outsourced. Advertising Inc. connects professional service companies with small businesses that need help to grow.


Understanding the needs of customers allows companies to better serve them with the products and services they need. Advertising Inc. does product and service reviews as well as research to help companies understand how they are perceived in the marketplace. We perform any research a company would like us to do.


Rewards programs are very popular. They allow brands to stay in front of loyal customers while gaining exposure to new ones. Consumers shop, take surveys, search, play games, and watch videos for rewards dollars. Advertising Inc. connects Rewards Program companies with consumers who like to be for activities they already do.

Senior Services

10000 people turn 65 every day with an expected jump in people born from 1946 to 1964 expected to be about 73 million. This makes senior services incredibly important. Advertising Inc. recognizes a huge need for these services and works to connect companies offering senior services with those that need them.

Smart Home

Smart Home Tech is being used to manage homes. Residents use smart devices to control lights, air conditioning, door locks, and more. There are hubs that tie devices together for convenience. Advertising Inc. works with smart device providers to connect to people who like the idea of controlling their environment


Over time, America continues to innovate to find ways to have less of an impact on our environment. Solar Panels are popular right now as homeowners and businesses reduce their monthly utility bills with clean energy. Advertising Inc. connects business owners and homeowners with companies that provide solar panels.

Stem Cell

Stem Cell Therapy is regenerative medicine using stem cells to promote healing and repair to injured and diseased tissues. It is a new frontier in medicine hoped to meet a need with a shortage of organ donors. Advertising Inc. helps doctors find candidates who suffer from heart disease, cancer, strokes, burns, and arthritis


Sweepstakes are no purchase required contests where prizes are awarded to consumers. They are marketing promotions used by companies to reward customers and bring attention to new products. Advertising Inc. connects sweepstakes organizations with consumers that like to enter to win prizes while products are marketed to them.

Tax Relief

Millions of Americans are delinquent on their taxes. With Job loss, medical emergencies, and living costs people get behind on taxes. When owing taxes the IRS threatens garnishments, liens, and legal trouble. Advertising Inc. pairs consumers who want to put their tax worries behind them with firms that help resolve back taxes.


Travel is a huge industry and as we get through the Corona Virus lockdown we will see pent up demand with many Americans looking to get away. From cruises to trips domestically and overseas, Advertising Inc. helps companies providing travel services connect with people looking to vacation.


Warranties are a valuable component to the things we buy. They protect consumers if something goes wrong with their homes, autos, kitchen appliances, smart tvs, computers, cell phones and more. Advertising Inc. works with warranty providers to bring more consumers and homeowners interested in warranties to their companies